We carry the highest quality hair extensions on the market, they are 100% cuticle driven hair and are bar none, the best investment you can give yourself.

They are immersed into color for 2 – 4 weeks then sealed with a ker­atin bond. They stay soft and beau­ti­ful for 8 months+! Reg­u­lar exten­sions are in color for 45 min­utes then cov­ered with sil­i­cone. This causes the unruly hair due to sil­i­cone com­ing off after a few washes.

A price is quoted after consultation.

Client Testimonial - I personally wore GBB tape in extensions for 2 years straight without a break. I replaced the extensions once and still used much of the original hair as layering. No one ever knew I had extensions, they were so soft and shiny and I still have them to put back in, when I want them! What I love most, is how quick they were to move up and the price because the labour time is short! Best extensions hands down!” - Cailey Brammer.

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