The Der­ma­log­ica Skin Treatment

Our skin treat­ments are fully inclu­sive to deliver your skin’s best health, and involve a com­bi­na­tion of a pro­fes­sional dou­ble cleanse, exfo­li­a­tion, extrac­tions (as needed), masque, toner and skin pro­tec­tion. Addi­tional products/​elec­tri­cal modal­i­ties and ther­a­pies may be added to tar­get the indi­vid­ual needs of your skin. You will also receive a relax­ing face, neck and shoul­der mas­sage with every facial treat­ment car­ried out at the salon. Hav­ing a reg­u­lar facial is a great way to relax with many clients find­ing these treat­ments to be extremely stress reliev­ing. All Der­ma­log­ica facials include extrac­tions (if needed, please ask at time of book­ing, to ensure allot­ted time) and sam­ples of rec­om­mended prod­ucts can be offered for you to try at home.

Tai­lored AGE Smart Facial (1.25hr) 85
Suit­able for mature or pre­ma­turely-aging skin, sun-dam­aged or pro­longed expo­sure to UV light, decreased skin elas­tic­ity, dehy­drated or dry and con­gested skin.

Enriched with pow­er­ful con­cen­trated antiox­i­dant vit­a­mins to smooth, retex­tur­ize and deliver ultra-clean skin and enhance pen­e­tra­tion of age-fight­ing active ingre­di­ents into skin. Exclu­sively firms, regen­er­ates col­la­gen, nour­ishes and improves skin tex­ture and helps con­trol age-related hyperpigmentation.

Tai­lored Der­ma­log­ica Med­iBac Facial (1.25hr) 85

It’s the end of the line for acne Suit­able for teenagers with con­gested skin out­breaks or adult pop­u­la­tion with par­tially oily and acneic skin con­di­tions. Either attrib­uted by hor­monal fluc­tu­a­tions or height­ened level of stress trig­gers and other con­tribut­ing factors.

For­mu­lated to improve skin clar­ity, reduce blem­ishes and sooth away irri­ta­tion while repair­ing and calm­ing inflamed skin. Help­ing pre­vent acne well beyond the treat­ment. The ulti­mate in acne man­age­ment as it tar­gets cur­rent blem­ishes while help­ing pre­vent future breakouts. 

Tai­lored Power Bright Der­ma­log­ica Bright­en­ing Facial (1.25hr) 85

Suit­able for adults with skin dis­col­oration and pig­men­ta­tion con­cerns. This hydro­quinone-free bright­en­ing sys­tem works to pre­vent the appear­ance of brown patches or hyperpigmentation.

Der­ma­log­ica Power Bright bright­en­ing sys­tem takes a three step approach to con­trol­ling hyper­pig­men­ta­tion whilst simul­ta­ne­ously focus­ing on prepar­ing the skin, pre­vent­ing pig­men­ta­tion and pro­tect­ing skin against ele­ments that can trig­ger discolouration.

Pow­er­ful exfo­liants smooth skin and slough off dulling sur­face cells, help­ing to min­imise the appear­ance of sun dam­age and age spots. Rich botan­i­cal extracts help treat and pre­vent cel­lu­lar dis­coloura­tion. Requires a course of pre­scribed facial treat­ment for rapid result.

Tai­lored Ultra­Calm­ing Der­ma­log­ica or Emer­gency Facial (1.25hr) 85

Suit­able for seri­ously sen­si­tized and irri­tated skin that may be reac­tive to anything.

Der­ma­log­ica Ultra­Calm­ing range brings you the most nat­ural botan­i­cals and your skin­care spe­cial­ist gen­tly nur­tures and chooses the right com­bi­na­tion of essen­tials to relieve your sen­si­tized skin that calms, soothes and replen­ishes the most aggra­vated, irri­tated and inflamed skin.

Der­ma­log­ica Pre­scrip­tive Back Facial (1.25hr) 85

Suit­able for a lux­u­ri­ous treat or a treat­ment for con­gested, bumpy break­out and scar­ing con­cerns on the back for men and women. 

Use of Med­iBac skin care range for con­ges­tion and may require extrac­tions of black­heads. Con­sult on skin con­cerns with your skin care spe­cial­ist to col­lab­o­rate with the choice of prod­uct range to meet your skin care needs.

Micro­zone Treatment

High-inten­sity, accel­er­ated ver­sion of the core Der­ma­log­ica skin treat­ment that takes in a 1⁄3 of the time. A quick and tar­geted solu­tion to solve an imme­di­ate skin con­cern. Specif­i­cally for time-com­pressed clients. and they’re the ideal main­te­nance ser­vice between Der­ma­log­ica Skin Treat­ments. Treat­ment: 20 minutes- book­ing time 30 minutes.

Note: (tired eyes, back or hands treat­ment (does not include full facial). 

Age Smart Eye Res­cue (20 min) 35 - Decreases dark cir­cles and fine lines. 
Age Smart Flash Exfo­li­a­tion (20 min) 40- Resur­face, brighten and repair.

Age Smart Lip Renewal (20 min) 35 - Smooth, con­di­tion and restore rough and uneven lips .

Age Smart Hand Repair (20 min) 30 - Reduce appear­ance of pre­ma­ture aging and intensely mois­turize your skin. 

Med­iBac ­for oily/ acneic skin (20 min) 40 - Clear and pre­vent break­outs. 

Med­iBac black­head relief/ extractions (20 min) 40 - Remove come­dones and decon­gest.

Power Bright Hand Treat­ment (20 min) 30 - Pre­ven­tion of hyper­pig­men­ta­tion and accel­er­ated bright­en­ing.

Ultra calm­ing for sen­si­tive skin (20 min) 40 - Soothe and hydrate.
ADD–ON Treat­ment (can be booked as addi­tional in facials treat­ment or booked on its own)

Note: No elec­tri­cal equip­ment used dur­ing pregnancy.

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