Perfect Man­i­cure (.5hr) 35                                                                                                                                                                   Includes a relaxing hand soak, cuticle and nail care and your choice of a hand massage or polish

Relax­ing Man­i­cure (.75hr) 45

The clas­sic treat­ment with no frills. Shape, buff, and caress your cuti­cles back to health with our tra­di­tional man­i­cure. Your hands will be left soft, smooth, and ready to go.

Spa Man­i­cure (1 hr) 57

Your hands will love you for treat­ing them to this! Enjoy an essen­tial oil soak with mas­sage, fol­lowed by a paraf­fin wax treat­ment. 

French Pol­ish - with Manicure 10
French Pol­ish - with­out Manicure 18
Pol­ish Change — with­out Manicure 14

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