PHOTO FIN­ISH MAKE-​UP (Up to 1 Hour each visit) 97
The day of bridal makeup includ­ing rehearsal to pre­serve your look the day of your event.

BRIDAL FOR­MAL DESIGN (Up to 1.5 Hours each visit) 145
The day of bridal for­mal design includ­ing rehearsal to pre­serve your look the day of the event.

BELLA (Up to 7 Hours) 375
For­mal Bridal Design (trial included) • Photo Fin­ish Makeup (trial included) • Spa Man­i­cure • Spa Pedi­cure • Com­pli­men­tary lipstick to pre­serve your look for your spe­cial day

PETITE (Up to 2.25 Hours each visit) 239
The Big Day Hair and Makeup — Bridal Design (trial included) • Bridal Makeup Appli­ca­tion (trial included)

GOING TO THE CHAPEL (4.25 Hours) 249
Day Before Nail Enhance­ment •Relax­ing Pedi­cure •honey body pol­ish

*Updos may vary depend­ing on length of hair and the detail of work, please inquire.

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